8 Daily Routines

8 Activities to promote speech and language in our daily routines


Starting in March I will be posting weekly blogs with tips, links, tools, and photos to help enhance your child’s communication abilities.  If there is a topic that you are interested in, please feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail.  Enjoy!

Our first topic is 8 Activities to promote speech and language skills in our daily routines.

1)  Grocery Store:  There are a ton of great communication opportunities at the grocery store.  You can target labeling and categorizing of food items.  You can work on describing the shapes, colors, and sizes of items.  You can even discuss foods that you like/dislike at the grocery store.

2)  Car Ride: The car can be a great place to facilitate communication.  For younger kids, you can talk about what you see outside the window, “I see a white car”.  For older kids, the car is a great time to talk about the day.

3) Laundry:  Have your child help you sort laundry.  You can talk about the size of clothes, the shape (big, small), the color, the person ex: dad’s shirt.

4) Cleaning Room:  Even cleaning your child’s room can be a fun activity.  You can turn it into a following directions game by having your child find the different items that you are describing ex: put the small, white stuffed dog on your bed.  You can also have your child give you directions for putting away items.

5)  Eating Dinner:  This is a great activity for all members of the family.  You might try taking turns asking questions about the day.  Or, each person could discuss there best moment of the day and the worst moment of the day.

6)  Getting Dressed:  This is a great time to work on labeling and sequencing.  First we put on ______, then we put on ________, last we put on__________.  For older kids, you might have them describe to you what they want to wear for the day and see if you can find it.

7)  Exercise/outdoor play:  If you are in need of some exercise, bring your child along.  You can work on action words, “I am running”.  You can also work on describing, “I see a big green tree.”

8)  Cooking:  Have your child help with making dinner.  This is another great opportunity to work on sequencing and describing.  The child can work on making requests and asking questions, “I need help”, “what goes in the soup next?”

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